Sihoo is a professional brand of intelligent industrial furniture. It has many independent research and development technologies and has obtained many national patents. Its product types include industrial chair, children's learning desk and chair, game equipment, old sofa and peripheral configuration.


Brand profile:

Sihoo was founded in 2011, and its products are mainly in ergonomic seats, children's learning desks and chairs, game competitive chairs, elderly sofas and other furniture and peripheral products related to healthy sitting posture.

Service content: focus on intelligent ergonomic furniture, including ergonomic chair, children's learning desk and chair, game cabin, elderly chair, intelligent desk and other peripheral products.


Brand positioning:


Positioning: focus on intelligent industrial furniture

Mission: to improve people's quality of life through furniture innovation


Brand history:

In 1999, began to dabble in the furniture industry

In 2011, sihoo registered company, established shenzhen marketing center, based in the pearl river delta, serving all China

In 2012, the first sihoo ergonomic experience hall in shenzhen was officially opened, and the national O2O interactive marketing strategy was launched

In 2013, the annual sales volume exceeded 100 million, and the number of service team exceeded 500

In 2014, three warehouses in guangdong, zhejiang and Beijing were delivered simultaneously, which was the first step of efficient nationwide storage and distribution

In 2015, the first sihoo cup "China good seat" creative design competition was successfully held

In 2016, the second sihoo cup bit industrial design competition was successfully held

In 2017, the new X1 ergonomic computer chair was launched, and the movie star sha yi was invited to speak for it. It was first proposed that May 21 should be the global healthy sitting posture day

On March 22, 2017, sihoo furniture held a signing ceremony for sha yi to endorse xihao products in Beijing

On May 15, 2017, sihoo received a certificate of ergonomic products (EP)

On May 26, 2017, sihoo released the white paper of 2017 ergonomic office chair technology.

On May 31, 2017, sihoo and Shenzhen human engineering association jointly established the experimental base of "human engineering application technology innovation"

On August 3, 2017, sihoo X1 ergonomic computer chair was selected for the "China good design award".

On September 11, 2017, sihoo furniture successfully held the "first ergonomic peak BBS" in Shanghai international furniture exhibition center.



Adapting products to people is a simple statement of ergonomics, so we apply ergonomics to seats. West's son stylist thinks, the key indicators of a good chair is able to adapt to people, it can make user's healthy and comfortable sitting, and can adapt to the user in different attitude when using the seat. So when xi hao designed the chair, every detail from the touch, arc, elasticity, support, package, material and so on was around adapting to the human body itself.


Ergonomics requires full consideration of the use case when designing products. There is a chair job and have two opposite functions, to every moment can bring excellent experience to the user, the west's son designers in the design of chairs, imagine has been careful to users when using a variety of dynamic and static scene, as well as the use of different length requirements, and find balance of health and comfort.


Sihoo quality:

"To build a healthy quality of life" is the original intention of xi hao's team to devote themselves to the research and development of ergonomic furniture. In order to show the green environmental protection and make the users have health, xihao's products insist on using non-toxic, environmental protection and healthy materials. At the same time, in order to get a better experience from perception to vision, designer xi hao always takes the user as the center in the new product research and development and closely combines the use environment to create.


R&d achievements:

Sihoo has developed hundreds of patents in various countries.


Representative products:

X1 series

X1 is the representative work of Sihoo brand fashion and practical use.


X1 is the representative work of Sihoo brand fashion and practical use. Its unique S - shaped backrest is not only concise and beautiful, but also the principle of human engineering. It depends on the back of the chair of X1, and the comfort of the top of the waist is unparalleled. In addition, it is a "big use" product, the cross boundary selection of the engineering structure of fine steel, the optimization of the open environment of the Teslin net cloth, more than one hundred thousand cycles of quality testing, let X1 get a "qualitative" leap. X1 Pro is upgraded to use dragon net, and the comfort level is even higher.


Sihoo V1

Sihoo V1 has more than ten powerful adjustment functions, such as lifting back, four-dimensional cushioning waist pillow, 2-d head pillow, 4-d armrest and sliding seat cushion, which can be customized according to different demands of users. The bionic backrest, which is consistent with the curvature of human spine, can release the spine pressure effectively. The saddle seat cushion fully takes into account the different demands of users during work and rest. It is easy to lean forward and rest backward.


Sihoo M16/18 series

Sihoo m16/18 series, adjustable back and forth two dimensions. Head can lift up and down to 10 cm, head can be rotated 45 °.


Sihoo K16

Sihoo K16 has been developed on the basis of ergonomic design standards. It is the legitimate work of children's ergonomic chairs. High adjustment of 9 gears and deep adjustment of 8cm seat allow children to use 17 years old from 4 years old. Backrest spine curvature and health, more reasonable with 105 °Angle; 2 ° Angle on seat, facilitate forward study, and not easy to slide; W - shaped cushion with moderate hardness makes sitting learning easier. Fun bean sprout bionic armrest, round and comfortable easy to grasp.


Quality assurance:

Passed ISO9001 certification in 2014

Product design and production products meet the standards of BIFMA x 5.1

Shenzhen association of human engineering applications (SAEA) recommends brands



On May 15, 2017, Sihoo obtained the certificate of ergonomic products (EP)

On May 26, 2017, Sihoo released "white paper on 2017 ergonomic office chair technology".

On May 31, 2017, Sihoo and shenzhen human engineering association jointly established the experimental base of "human engineering application technology innovation"