Sihoo furniture 18th anniversary celebration, grat
Date:2018,03,07 Author:sihoo

Sihoo furniture (shenzhen) co., LTD. Is an innovative enterprise focusing on humanism and focusing on the research, development and application of modern ergonomic furniture. The company is committed to creating a healthy, harmonious and comfortable working and living environment for customers. The headquarters is in shenzhen.


Furniture since its inception in 1999, the west's son is very pay attention to the development and application of modern ergonomic furniture, think the modern furniture should be material "in the people rather than serve, users of" person "is furniture, fully respect the" human-oriented "design, design is reasonable; The consideration of humanized modern furniture is to let "people" work and live in a healthy and comfortable environment, and finally achieve the ideal state of balance and harmony. Humanist thought is fully understood and seriously practiced in xihao furniture. The interaction between human basic data and environment is analyzed reasonably, and the furniture of xi hao is gradually moving from "product design" to "life design". Its products are more conducive to the human environment, with reasonable functions, comfortable use and initiative to adapt to the use of people, so as to minimize static fatigue and improve work and learning efficiency. Xihao furniture has been promoted in persistence.


Craftsmanship 18 years, because of professional dedication and wonderful. In the rapid growth of the company, independent innovation with brand building as the core has always been the development direction. Company's west son, HaoTong, Osborn, XiaoQi brands such as subsoil ergonomic chairs, children's furniture, office furniture, study furniture field for many years, carry forward the people-oriented, after the first, professional and enterprising, harmonious coexistence and spirit of enterprise, to fulfill the duties of a corporate citizen, get the affirmation of the society from all walks of life, made the industry leading position.


In the future, xihao furniture will become the best modern furniture supply platform for more people to enjoy humanized quality products and services, expanding the road of national brand strength.


Business philosophy:

First: corporate mission

Improve people's quality of life with furniture innovation.

Second: corporate vision

Become the furniture brand recognized by users.

Article 3: corporate values

Quality, innovation, striving and win-win.

Article 4: quality view

Survive by quality, trust by quality, create famous brand by quality.

Article 5: stakeholders

Customer: the customer is the source of value for sihao. With high quality products and services, sihao increases customer value and wins customer satisfaction, trust and loyalty.


Employee: the staff is the foundation of xi hao. Recognize enterprise culture, rich sense of responsibility, has the cooperation spirit, good at learning and innovation of staff is the biggest wealth, the west's son and his efforts to achieve staff development and rich, make the staff grow up together with the enterprise.


Partner: the partner is sihao's business partner. Xi hao advocates competition and cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, forming strategic alliance, realizing multiple win and value sharing.


Shareholders: shareholders are the source of power for the cause of xihao. Sihao keeps expanding the value-added space, trying to reduce investment risks, achieve reasonable returns, and ensure the long-term maximization of shareholders' interests.